John Derrick ‘3D Virtual Doppelgänger’

November 1 – 30, 2013 3D Virtual Doppelgänger is a multi-media installation by John Derrick that combines figurative oil painting with an interactive 3D computer-generated game environment. An oil painting on canvas is displayed alongside its projected 3D computer-generated replica, the 3D Virtual Doppelgänger. Derrick’s subjects are figures in interiors. He paints from life using […]

Ian Wells ‘Standard Glass’

|October 2-26| “It’s a strange admission but I have always been in awe of glass. The ordinariness of a plain sheet of glass is to my sight quite miraculous and beautiful. Glass, so very commonplace, when considered is stuff of great elegance, an almost elusive presence and tragic and dangerous in its demise. …….There is […]