CARLO GOLIN ‘double trouble’

| August 5-29 |

In Double Trouble Carlo Golin has invented a set of elegant and very European equations — photographs in subversive counterpoint to canonical works of art.

His method and the look it achieves is deceptively simple: A book is open at the reproduction of an artwork. A photo is loosely placed on the facing side, then the whole is rephotographed. At a casual glance they now belong in the same book — they’re on the same page, so to speak. 

The effect, however, is complex. Picture-pairs in a time-travel conversation: prosaic modernity rubs up to the classical ideal, digital image vies with the laborious handmade — the new gets dignified by association, the antique becomes contemporary. Golin makes us look again, and think twice.

Gallery of works [click image to enlarge]