Sonia Donnellan ‘Small Findings’

|March 5 – April 12|

My installation practice explores the way that emotional affect can manifest a work of art. Small Findings is an artwork constructed from fluorescent lights mounted onto a wooden frame with a sensor that turns on at the approach of a viewer. Like a painting, it fixes onto the wall of the exhibition space. The work creatively explores feelings associated with uncertainty and draws upon the ideas of Brian Massumi: that uncertainty is an active site of being present to the moment with all of its emergent potentials and possibilities, rather than as an inert or disempowered place of anxiety and hopelessness.

‘While working on Small Findings I had the early line paintings of Canadian artist Agnes Martin in mind.  Small Findings is composed of twenty two fluorescent lights arranged horizontally to echo Martin’s hand-drawn lines and the number is chosen to make a square ‘grid’ ‘.

As the fluoros flicker on they make random patterns of light and dark before settling down to a subtle undulating pulse of white light. The flickering patterns in the work have a slightly mesmerising affect. White light floods the exhibition space.

Reviews and press about Small Findings: