Michael S. L. Vandorpe

Pepper on the Tongue
July 19th – August 5th, 2023


Michael Samuel Lucifer Vandorpe lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. Already in his early work, the fascination for the linear visual language dominated. Painting is an investigation into what, according to the painter, is the essence of oil on canvas. Color, line and shape. Michael Samuel Lucifer Vandorpe is looking for a simplified formal language in which the landscape and the world around him are the most important source of inspiration. The painting process germinates from the thought: the world we live in, the things we see, the small, sometimes the everyday…Within the geometric abstract painting of Michael S.L. Vandorpe, the emphasis is on the Zenit, the Nadir and the Horizon. Colors are placed cleanly, even simply on the canvas. The paint matter only comes to life as an accent. Pictoriality and harmony are achieved through a repetitive, mathematical approach. The painting game is more emphatically executed, with a multitude of overlapping transparent layers of paint forming a balance. In the paintings we read optimism, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Michael Samuel Lucifer Vandorpe positions himself as an idiosyncratic, contemporary andpeculiar non- objective reductive (landscape) painter.