| May 31 – June 29 |

Homeostasis: Yin and Yang is inspired by the historical event, Ping Pong diplomacy, which opened communication between China and western countries after years of isolation.Through a simulated table tennis game, the artwork expresses a sense of balance and spatial connectedness between the ball and the paddle, as an interaction is formed between the player and others.

Like a mirror, this is a reflection which signifies that people today live in a competitive society. With the abstract expression of the dual meaning embedded in competition, the artwork intends to break the conventional notion of winning and losing in a competition and attempts to emphasize the fun and balance aspects in a game.

Jenny Zhe Chang is a Beijing born painter and sculptor, living and working in Melbourne. Zhe Chang graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009, and has conducted eight solo exhibitions and been included in over thirty group exhibitions. The much anticipated Homeostasis: Yin & Yang will be Zhe Chang’s first show in Australia following her highly successful solo exhibition Warm Up and Soar Beyond at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei early in 2013.

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