Anna Hoyle & Franky Howell

October 25th – November 11th, 2023

Anna Hoyle & Franky Howell Catalogue

Franky Howell and Anna Hoyle present new works on wood and paper from 2023.

Both artists share a love for flat, high chroma colour and simple but often complicated shapes.

Both work near each other and Franky is responsible for Anna’s addiction to highly pigmented gouache, and Anna generally bosses Franky around and barks motivational clichés which has kept Franky in line.

Howell’s recent works build on from Lines Between at Five Walls, 2022. His new acrylic on wood panel works is a confident leap into larger dramatic shapes with coloured lines, and a heartfelt shaping and bevelling of the hand-made panels. The modularity of the panels is playful but sometimes uncomfortable or obscure; ribbony lines sometimes move with the shapes or interrupt the shapes. Howell’s painted lines sit on the wooden surface as a delicate and precise veneer that contrast with the panel’s dominant shape, a candy coating that stays as zingy as long as your eyeballs can suck it up.

Anna Hoyle’s inspiration for recent works on paper draw from words and phrases from wellness, motivational and self-help spin. The multi-panel paper sheets facilitate play and mutability in how they are hung. The arbitrary juxtaposition of image and text across the paper sheets allude to a perpetual stream of neo liberal guff / consumer jargon in the guise of ‘helpful’ phrases and aspirations. Colour is saturated, evoking the high pitched, ‘always on’ buzz of internet consumption of the goods, services, deceits, aspirations that we all engage in.