Let The Sunshine In

Hannah Cooper (NSW), Lucia Dohrmann (SA), Jilly Edwards (UK), Amanda Ho (VIC), Kay Lawrence (SA), Sara Lindsay (VIC), Misako Nakahira (Japan), Robyn Phelan (VIC), Jacqueline Stojanovic (VIC), Cheryl Thornton (VIC)
February 2nd – 24th, 20224


Project Space 3
Let the Sunshine In represents 10 multi-generational female visual artists, from Australia, the UK and Japan, who make hand woven textiles. The exhibition focuses on the formal qualities of the colour yellow, whether determined by dyes or materials used, a response to the natural environment, or a conscious desire to convey a particular emotion. We ask why this group of artists have serendipitously and independently chosen to work with yellow at this moment in time.

The 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus was celebrated in 2019. For many years there has been ongoing discussion about the way in which women were denied entry to the painting department and sent to the weaving studio. However, there is now increasing acknowledgement of just how important a role women played through their work in the weaving departments in Germany and later at Black Mountain College in the USA.

This exhibition celebrates hand weaving as a significant and highly relevant art form within the visual arts today…..it has been ‘let in’!


Jacqueline Stojanovic is represented by Haydens Gallery, Melbourne