Eva Stimson Clark

Beyond Control
May 3rd – 25th, 2024


The exhibition, “Beyond Control”, features a series of wall pieces where Stimson Clark continues developing abstractions from repurposed materials.

This collection of paint on canvas evolves from the artist’s ongoing fascination with processes of dissection and rearrangement, that allows found colour to influence the composition. The base material is made up from rectangles cut from decades old oil paintings on canvases, from a period of stylistic experimentation in the medium.

Stitched in place the edges of the overlay shapes add another dynamic element of colour, as does the splattered residue from the freshly applied acrylic paint to the back of the canvas pieces. The geometry is further softened by allowing the cut canvas edge to remain on the periphery.

These abstractions are pulled out of time and place, analogous to how memories come to us piece by piece as edited events, gestures, words and images, that stow in the back of consciousness awaiting recall.