Dale Nason

Position Description
June 7th – 29th, 2024


Dale Nason presents artefacts from critical making processes exploring relief printing of fonts and other typographic gestures. Holding the position of teacher, student and technician simultaneously whilst rematerializing a place for graphic design learning, more-than-human discourses emerge problematizing his everyday workflow. Observing and participating in the letterpress and other printing communities of practice, this work is posted as practical and usable tools for printing. But they remain ink-free, presented as the subtractive 3d print itself, in mirror reflection and anticipation of, but resisting, being read correctly. Whilst this body of work continues with reference to the history of the printed word, it is contextualized by its coexistence as digital material that reshapes waste timber, composite board & acrylic, and its playful intervention with the physical material forces that shape the human capital of the institution. The obfuscation of dust, tolerance for error, and glitch of the repeated milling of a basic character each act as poetic fragments in this networked practice of remaking.