Anna Steele

July 5 – 27th, 2024


This body of work is a translation of my experience of the urban landscape. Watching a city change and evolve over time presents us with a layered environment of past and present. In thinking about the transformation of a space, the constructed and deconstructed, I wanted the process of making this work to reflect this state of transition. Blurred boundaries, ambiguous forms, concealment and remnants of disrupted vandalism coalesce to now form an integral part of the finished work.

In these works each layer of paint creates a new dialogue, which in turn is interrupted by subsequent layers of erasure, re-thinking and re-enactment. This process speaks to a city’s constant metamorphosis where layers of paint buffs and re-workings create a palimpsest of history and human presence. The aesthetics of the street are at the heart of this work but it’s the redacted nature of them that extends an invitation to engage with possible hidden narratives and ambiguous symbolic meanings.