| January 14 – 31 |

Neo Violet


Violet, the highest resonating colour of the white light spectrum, seems to induce a sense of grace when seen in reality.

Although objects actually do not have colour, they give off light that appears to be a colour. Melding invisible violet and reductive art is a result of wondering how colour can be implied without being evident; contemplating metaphysics, particularly the seventh chakra that exemplifies the interface between infrared waves and “an infinite grid of radiant energy-information-light”; and reflecting on a concept of physics in what Jonah Lehrer calls the ‘cosmic conversation’ through making a scientific metaphor – the curves of space-time – tangible. Constructing forms with delicate materials, that look even more fragile when using multiples, intentionally borders them on immateriality.

Neo Violet was inspired by two tangential precedents that similarly incorporated the light of non-electrical whiteness: “To the Islands” series by Agnes Martin and Richard van der Aa’s “Mere Formalities.”

Glenn Elert, The Physics Hypertext Book
Gregg Braden, Awakening to Zero Point, The Collective Initiation
Jonah Lehrer, Fourth Culture, The Future of Science…is Art?

with gratitude to Paul MacGillivary, Carole Driver, MEB, MMLF and Aaron Martin