| JUNE 3-27 |

The work explores the push/pull of forces. Forces we are all directed by, forces imposed upon us by the laws of physics, our desires, and the relation of negotiating other bodies and their impulses and desires. There is a constant exchange between our freedom and the restraints that are either built around us, or self-regulated/imposed.

The artworks are driven by curiosity: “…curiosity is a detailed meditation on the nature of wonder, fascination, and inquiry.”

The wandering curiosity is embraced through the subject matter and the exploration of materials. The body and it’s relationship to other bodies, as part of a collective. An individual anchored by others and the structure of society and knowledge. Thinking about the big bang and the collision of objects in space. The slow drift:– a system of endless change. How things push and pull.

Attempts to apprehend nature and the myths and fantastical imaginings that arise when we meet the limits of understanding.

Frontiers between art, science and subjective experience.