[ January 20 - 30th, 2016 ]

Brett Colquhoun | Craig Easton | P.J. Hickman | Joyce Huang | Emma Langridge | Aaron Martin | Antonia Sellbach


To celebrate the opening of the 2016 Calendar, Five Walls Projects presents PERIMETER a show of artists invited by the Five Walls Projects' Selection and Advisory Panel. This curated exhibition aims to respond to the abstract notion of the outer edge, boundaries, framing, cartography and mapping through a method of non-objective art. It has long been held that the boundary or edge marks the outer limits of the content, or in some cases, as in the canon of easel painting, relegated to the status of a framing device. In an effort to challenge such a restrictive connotation the artists in this show have centralised the perimeter, bringing the viewer into a closer relationship with the outer edge. In doing so, reversing the notion enclosing to one of generation, one that de-limits space, and moves past the outer edge, (into the architecture beyond) evoking possibilities of what lies inside/outside, beyond.