[May 18 -June 4]

Millan Pintos-Lopez’s series of work Meditations of a Godless man explores the geometric shape and, at its core, the straight line, under the guise that it is somehow divine.
Inspired by the work of Josef Albers[1], Pintos-Lopez pays tribute to the potential and ability of the straight line. He commemorates the straight line’s transcendence and the immanent power of the mind to conceive the straight line in a world of organic forms.

Millan graduated from the Australian National University in 2014 with first class honours. In 2015 he completed a residency at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, where he began this new body of work. Meditations of a Godless man is Millan’s first solo show in Melbourne.

[1] Francois Bucher,: JOSEF ALBERS: DESPITE STRAIGHT LINES An Analysis of his Graphic Constructions, (Yale University Press 1961).