[August 31 – September 17]

Nearly Monochrome by artists Ross Harrison, Wendy Kelly, Wilma Tabacco and Stephen Wickham is an exhibition of four diptyches that acknowledge engagements with informal and structural aspects now obviously inherent in the works of Malevich and Reinhardt. 

The exhibition intends to be suggestive more than didactic and have a light touch. It is an En passant reference to a century of modernist tradition and icons with a nod to aspects of formalism.

The use of the diptych as device speaks to dualism and the recalls of binary opposition, notions now at the edge of post structural discussion and art theory. 

The work of each artist explores possibilities in black and or very dark tones, the suggestive wink to both Malevich and Reinhardt and present in a range of mediums including fibre- glass and more traditional processes, oil paint etc.

Within the intimate space of Five Walls the show infers further subtle and given oppositions, the truth of past-art of museum scale and burden set with the speculations of current-art of domestic size and lightness.