[May 17 – June 3, 2017]

Rhonda Baum’s exhibtion, ‘Haven’, is an exhibition that responds to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the UNDHR exists but is flouted globally.

Baum produces artworks that address an artists’ struggle as response to the displacement of people globally and how to do that without shouting. This work sees the artist re writing the UNDHR as a personal thought/revolve. Penned verbatim but repeated, the text becomes an ocean – the edges a horizon. The text is not legible by viewing and is not meant for deciphering – it has become an abstract field. Intention/ sentiment is evoked.

Baum refers to her works on paper as diamond landscapes and diagrams for thoughts, acting as grammatical rests in the exhibition’s entirety.

Exhibition details:
Opening Wed May 17th – 6-9pm
continues to June 3rd