[November 1-18th, 2017]
the stripes of orange and pink invade the fields

For this exhibition, Wingrave revisits the work of one of his former lecturers: British Op Art pioneer Michael Kidner. Wingrave acknowledges Kidner greatly influenced his development as a painter, particularly his interest in perception and colour. In reading a review of Kidner’s work he notes the description converts the painting into something imaginary, as if the words cannot reach the painting. The gap between image and text becomes the starting point for this exhibition. The result is a group of paintings of interweaving imagery and fragments of titles, fables and fiction.

Mark Wingrave has shown his paintings and books in Australia and overseas. Exhibitions include: The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin, Berlin, Germany; Sublunar, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, Book Fire, Moscow, Russia; Borders and Crossings, Impact 8, Dundee, UK; UnParallel, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne; Sequence, Selection and Loop, Sarah Scout, Melbourne.

Exhibition details:
Opening Wed November 1st – 6-9pm
continues to November 18th