November 24th, 2017


FIVE WALLS’ is pleased to announce our first artists’ commission FOYER. The commision will be launched at One Night in Footscray on November 24, 2017. The first recipient of this newly formed commission is Troy Innocent.

Geometric abstraction and machine vision share the same visual code. Troy explores mixed realities – spaces in which objects constantly oscillate between different states of being. In this work, coded objects situate themselves on multiple surfaces of a liminal space that is simultaneously public and private. Troy explores connections and multiplicity in his works of design, sculpture, animation, sound, and installation. His methods of multiplatform storytelling and relationships between objects and their surroundings create their own world, a game that viewers can play. His works explore the connections between language and reality, interacting within the contemporary media-scape utilizing his own unique aesthetic language. His most recent works are urban art environments: Xon Kon, a street game that decodes the trade history of Hong Kong, and Wayfinder Live, a playful city experience exploring new ways of being.