Graeme Thompson
21.02.18 – 10.03.18

Graeme Thompson’s practice investigates aspects of abstract painting, minimalism, and conceptual art.

For this exhibition at Five Walls Projects the use of a square format immediately contextualizes the work within an art historical setting dating back to the early decades of the 20th Century.

Using traditional oil painting techniques, supports, and structures, tension is created as a blurring of fore and background exists within the painted surface. Repeated motifs, geometric forms, and colour choices create an internal logic and a visual language is developed through a measured and constrained set of aesthetic principles.

Generally small in scale, on closer inspection, the labour and process involved in the making of these works are there for the viewer to discover. These are works that celebrate their slow and painstaking production.

At times colour and hues jar, resulting in an object or image that the creator refers to as “aberrant abstraction”.


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