Graziela Guardino
The Unity of Opposites
16.05.18 – 01.06.18

The aim of this exhibition is to explore the relationship between colour, material and the construction of unity between opposing elements. Specifically, it investigates the notion of the ‘unity of opposites’ in which the philosopher Heraclitus (approximately 535 BC – 475 BC) believed the world’s secret law relied on the interdependence of two or more opposing concepts—elements that may appear conflicting but cannot exist without the other.

The ambiguous components found in the proposed works are meticulously created to offer the viewer a sense of coexistence and interactions of opposites. Through a continuous process of experimentation, building and deconstructing, organic and geometric lines are created out of simple materials such as linen, canvas, and polyester and are used to juxtapose ideas of reality and illusion; fragility and strength; as well as absence and presence.

By examining and deconstructing the meanings within the layers, it became a thought-provoking process to demonstrate how opposing elements can rely on each other to exist.


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