| September 14 -October 27 |

At the core of Well’s practice is  the investigation of what constitutes painting. His paintings in their reductive format explore composition,  scale and materiality.

In Minor Context  Wells tackles the vexed question of how and in what context a painting should be displayed. Carefully constructed cabinets fixed to the gallery walls dually function to both intervene and cradle. Through these constructed spaces – or galleries within a gallery – Wells challenges the us to question our own understanding of how and where painting can and should be viewed and placed.

Ian Wells has actively been exhibiting his painting from 1991 to the present. He has conducted solo shows and been included in group exhibitions in Melbourne and throughout regional Victioia. His skills in carpentry has in recent times led to collaboration with well known Melbourne based artist Ruth Hutchinson to realise a significant project at the Ian Potter Museum of Art.