David Cross
20.02.19 – 09.03.19

Working across sculpture and photography, Stacks investigates the relationship between abstraction, the monochrome, surface, and materiality. David Cross in his first exhibition at Five Walls has sought to activate an interplay between the formal experience of primary coloured structures, the luminous qualities of PVC vinyl, with the representational effects of photography. Rubbing against his predilection for creating mass and scale with air, the artist explores form via the stacking of unitary pieces layered one on top of the other. The works elide, Minimal, Pop and Hard-Edge abstraction while speaking to very subtle formal shifts in the alignment of each piece. These new works also speak to the artist’s ongoing interest in bodily experience, referencing the size, weight, and density of the body without at the same time activating his customary performative encounter. This new body of work will be in dialogue in the front space with a series of three works from the performance project Trio.

David Cross works across, installation, sculpture, video, photography and participatory art. His works often involve inflatable objects and structures that draw audiences into unexpected situations and dialogues. Known for artworks that focus on the relationship between pleasure, the grotesque and phobia, he has since 2005 been creating bespoke sculptural/architectural structures across assorted scales, that draw audiences into unexpected situations and dialogues.


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