Ellie Chalmers-Robinson
Part-Time Palm Reader
13.03.19 – 30.03.19

“It is fascinating to read the stories of intent that permeate the Hill End landscape; structures that can be used to generate meaning have survived the passing of time while those that have lost the thread of meaning have been swallowed back up by the wider chaotic landscape of the Australian bush.” Ellie Chalmers-Robinson-Robinson, 2019

“Part-Time Palm Reader” presents a series of works created during,and after, Ellie Chalmers-Robinson’s residency in Hill End, NSW. The paintings continue Chalmers-Robinson’s ongoing fascination with the fluctuation of meaning present in the abstracted landscape of painting. Moving between the flat and spatial, the geometric and expressionistic, and the familiar and strange, her paintings impress a sense of becoming and undoing that perpetuate the process of looking.

Ellie Chalmers-Robinson completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First-Class Honours) at The Victorian College of the Arts in 2015. Recent exhibitions include On The Air at Canberra Contemporary Art Space and The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2018 at QUT Art Museum.

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