Simon O’Carrigan & Marcel Feillafe
Play It Again
01.05.19 – 18.05.19 

In ‘Play it Again’ Simon O’Carrigan and Marcel Feillafe explore the excess in Western culture.
For the past two years Simon O’Carrigan has been obsessively collecting Alan Gardiner Accordion Bands’ 1968 album ‘Play it Again’.
On the surface, the work produced for the show is about play. All of the artworks are samples of the cover art and album, extracted colours and forms: covering the covers. Feillafe is always open to an experimental approach to art making, and O’Carrigan has said he “just really wanted to paint something yellow”.
But there is something else going on, there are implied questions around mass production, excess, capitalism, and ‘pointed nonsense’ – especially in a time of great social upheaval such as 1968 (or, hopefully, 2019).
O’Carrigan and Feillafe use the album as a prism through which to examine some of these things in our culture.

Opening night and sound performance: Friday, May 3rd 6-9pm

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