Leah Teschendorff
New Work
22.05.19 – 08.06.19

New Work is a selection of non-representational drawing and collage from an ongoing series that uses the act of making and drawing as a meditative process. It continues my investigation of materials including paper, fabric, charcoal, ink, pencil, and paint. Whilst essentially abstract, the work evokes the landscape: the sky and the sea, plant forms, light, and shadows.

Exploring line, surface texture, pattern and repetition, grids emerge and dissolve. Viewed from a distance the works appear minimal and geometric; there is a sense of stillness, quiet and serenity. Closer inspection reveals heavily detailed fragments of delicate line, muted hues, subtle markings and a depth of materiality that divulges the laborious physical processes and repetition experienced during the making. Each work is patiently created over a period of many weeks, composed of repurposed drawings and etchings.

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