Sally Tape
Flow Through Space
14.08.19 – 31.08.19

Imagine what you see when looking out of a car window on a highway or when scrolling through a social media feed. The landscape and separate pictures become an abstracted image, consisting of patterns. This principle, related to the tension between architecture and movement, is central to the work of artist Sally Tape. Tape’s drawings and paintings revolve around layering, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. She builds up each piece with different layers over each other, using cut-outs to define the figures. The works are a visualisation of structural layers in architecture.

The Flow Through Space is a collection of drawings and paintings developed as part of a residency undertake in the Netherlands, 2019. Held in collaboration with SEA Foundation, Tilburg.

Text written by Marieke Folkers for SEA Foundation, 2019. Extracted from the publication “The Flow Through Space: Unravelling the Art of Sally Tape”

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