Karen Wells 
Kink and Smooth in Blue 
25.09.19 – 12.10.19

On attending a conference on the subject of colour, my world stopped. To hear architects, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, colour consultants and designers express their excitement about current theories, discoveries, uses and social benefits was intensely unique and exquisite.

Having some knowledge of the physiological process and psychological influences of visual perception and an abiding interest in architecture and interior spaces, was a springboard to readings on the philosophy of colour and its history of use in language and culture.

Blue is a colour that is so ubiquitous now but the last to be named, lauded and recognised in history. It has been the colour for cursing, for disparaging, for its associations with poverty of body, spirit and mind, ‘kinks’ sending life off kilter. Yet it is also used for royalty, conservatism, nurturing and spiritual thinking. Its contradictory emotional and symbolic profile is vast.
Kink and smooth in blue is the result of research into these areas and what occurs when blue and bluish materials are gleefully gathered for exploration and used to convey at least some of these complexities.

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