Nicholas Mellefont
Hinging Articulation
06.11.19 – 23.11.19

Often overlooked is the turn in articulation. In my experience, the word articulation is most commonly employed to express expression. Articulation = to say something. But this is not all that articulation means. Articulation also implies a connection and a movement; the act of joining things in such a way that a motion is possible.

An articulating joint, like a knuckle, gives a range of motion to a finger, enabling and limiting the digit’s potential orientation. If we think this conjunctive motion back into our understanding of saying something, we expand our concept of the action. Now, articulation = to say something by joining in such a way that motion is possible. Recalling the last time you were “moved” in or by a conversation, where did you go? What kind of movement is this?

This artwork, like language, consists of things I have found, selected, replicated, arranged and connected within a conversation specifically with Five Walls’ Gallery 4. The objective; to make something from something and to question the turn in articulation.

Nicholas Mellefont is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited at Five Walls, Trocadero Art Space, George Paton Gallery, No Vacancy, Neon Parlour, Anita Traverso Galleries, Rubicon ARI Melbourne and Telegram Gallery London. He has contributed to online international collaborative projects organized by Minimal Zine and Fotografia Magazine. He is Currently undertaking a Master of Contemporary Art at University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

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