Adrian De Vries
What Real Instruments Do
04.03.20 – 21.03.20

“They are not mimicking real instruments, but rather what real instruments do.” David Byrne, How Music Works.

Ambient music was originally created with audience participation in mind. Its nuanced sonic form and slow experiential quality provided an environment to consider, reflect, and respond to both the music and its relationship to the wider world. In this collection of artworks, the same is reflected: an absence of hierarchy and an acknowledgement that two parties share a responsibility to form the content itself. Coupled with the removal of colour, ‘What Real Instruments Do’ is an experiment in prioritising the conceptual relationships between artworks.

Adrian De Vries’ multidisciplinary practice centres itself around the conceptual openness of non-objective painting and his own personalised language. He completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with First Class Honours at RMIT University in 2018.

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