Ebony Gulliver
Portals and Portholes
17.06.20 – 04.06.20

Portals and Portholes is the first in a series of exhibitions collectively titled Sensual Aesthetics. These happenings are dedicated to exploring the embodied nature of perception through the lens of contemporary non-objective art practice. Grounded in an understanding of consciousness as embodied and relational, the work transcends the gallery walls to meet the visitor in space and time. Vibrant and at times playful, the paintings draw on archetypal psychedelic forms such as the spiral and the wave, to stimulate visceral resonances in the body. Inviting an experience of art that moves beyond the ocular, Portals and Portholes reveals a vertiginous world of giddy seasickness, a world in which a vista is not just a viewpoint, but a vibration in the body and a state of mind.

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