Sean Loughrey
Broken (Positioning Four Lines)
14.05.21 – 01.05.21

This project presents a body of non-representational, non-objective artwork produced between 1987-2019, in the form of an Installation. The project is seen as an ongoing series of experiments produced alongside other areas of artistic practice, including Installation, video and photographic projects.

The project was initiated by a series of drawings produced in 1986. These drawings instigated an investigation, in which four lines were constructed, drawn, inscribed, taped and cut, utilizing various materials, including paint, timber, paper and light.

Over the years the project has taken on many configurations, but has always been identifiable by its presentation of four lines of equal length, centrally positioned radiating out, but never intersecting, a type of ‘broken’ cross. The project has also sought to interrogate how this accumulation of ‘lines’ might be extended spatially, staged in different sites and spaces. In a sense these four lines become actors or dancers, all in dedicated uniforms, all allocated a direction in space.

For this installation much of the work (predominantly paintings), will be accompanied by a sound component, in which a series of sonic interactions (voice and noise) come together as one unified, accumulative installation.

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