Aaron Ashwood & Riley Holland
We Should Make a Podcast
05.05.21 – 22.05.21

WE SHOULD MAKE A PODCAST is the final presentation of a collaborative body of work created during the COVID-19 lockdown period between artists Aaron Ashwood and Riley Holland whilst sharing a house and makeshift studio in Footscray. Through developing a pattern of working in ‘shifts’, each artist took turns to add new layers, shapes and intersections between their individual gestural languages.

The production of these paintings was performative in the sense that many conversations had while painting were not about the works but about daily activities, absurd hypotheticals and completely nonsensical discussions. Snippets of these conversations were used in titling each work.

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re trying to think of what you’re thinking about, but can’t figure what it is you’re actually thinking? And then you get freaked out because you think you’ve lost any ability to think because all you think about is not knowing what you’re thinking about? Yeah, neither.


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