Jason Hartcup
05.05.21 – 22.05.21

Urbanlights by Jason Hartcup presents two separate bodies of work that reflect contrasting, locations, times, and mediums.

In Gallery 1, Hartcup presents a suite of sculptural reliefs that are layered and shadowed, these works are not solid, nor are they complete, definable forms. There is an internal and external dialogue of playful discovery and pattern.

The forms have evolved over several years and respond to the artist’s light-filled country studio. In this presentation urban landscapes emerge from a country environment.

In Gallery 2 Coloured acrylics have been hashed together with found objects from the footpath. So often these things are unseen under our everyday appliances and rubbish. Illuminated with L.E.Ds they create different atmospheric environments, diffused screens create soft, intense universes.

These works are an exercise in resourcefulness, created in a small, dark city storeroom during Melbourne’s second lockdown, the objects reflect a time of imposed concentration and introspection.

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