Nanou Dupuis
28.07.21 – 14.08.21

After months of being reduced to distancing and Isolation, Introspection examines one’s own thoughts and feelings through a series of abstract paintings and the way the work is to be discovered.

The aim is to entice intimacy/voyeurism from the viewers perspective, being presumed access to the artist’s studio without the artist being notified. To suggest a nearer/closer time period between the work just being finished, then perceived. With the artist’s creative drive so close with no safety net, no ‘editing or censure’ applied prior viewing. A glimpse within anxiety and dilemma artists may experiment preceding the ‘white cube’ judgements.

Nanou’s painting circumscribes non-subjectivity, an absolute abstraction where every mark is intentional and emotionally experienced. From her experimental painting practice emerges a body of work evolving around momentum of continuous brushstrokes, instinctive flow within an expandable colour palette.

Aesthetically the work reads as a combination of traditional calligraphy mark-making with contemporary references to graffiti in addition to a sense of ‘nostalgia’. Great importance is placed upon speed and the permanence of the handmade mark. Using processes and materials relying upon a ‘one shot’ approach resulting in artwork defying or/and mimicking traditional perspective. Catching movement within the stroke, seeking depth within a layered coloured maze actuated by light and viewpoint changes.


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