| January 9 – 31st | Standing Ovation….!!! explores / continues a series of small installations and paintings, which consider the idea of a “finished” work. I seek to explore paintings’ interpretive nature and viewing processes and discuss through painting and installation how language can operate and/or affect the viewers reading of it. Both this work and my practice seek to provide a lighthearted take on painting through the modes of painting, drawing and installation based work.

Nick Berry’s practice is a painting and installation based one which demythologizes paintings history and hierarchies of value encased within the systems of painting. Nick explores the social and psychological experiences of his everyday life through ironic representations parody and sentiment  and his desire to have a personal connection with the painting, both on and beneath the surface of the canvas. As a result the paintings and installations act to expose a larger ‘creative’ act as an important component in Nicks art practice. These aspects served as the basis for his recently completed Masters of Fine Arts degree at RMIT.