Susan Andrews
09-02-22 – 26.02.22

Attachment continues Susan Andrews’ ongoing practice of making serial and geometric paintings that explore and suggest ambiguities present in the perception of space. The spatial referents in these recent works begin with but eventually overflow the pictorial space of painting, moving into space as it is architectonically referenced within each piece as well as its placement in the room. Significantly for our contemporary time of containment and isolation, attachment also alludes to psychological space. It is there, in between the many spaces and potential readings, that Andrews’ spare, intimately scaled, brightly painted constructions hang, cling, straddle, contain, lean on, and otherwise attach to support.

Operating within predominantly rectilinear geometries of the square and the rectangle, edges, planes, lines, colour, and paint assert themselves through finely calibrated nuances so that small differences become expansive. Edges become ledges, sometimes holding on to a single strip of colour. Delineated sections of white wall are contained and embraced, or just slightly extended into. Corners give way. Complementary blues and oranges vibrate as they abut each other. A square plane of pink jostles retinally inside an analogous orange frame. Acrylic matted surfaces flatten alongside glossier oil-brushed ones. Systems of form, colour, and spatial organisation concentrate the perception of the viewer.

And yet, and this is often present in Andrews’ work, there is an antidote to the perfect operation of structure and geometry, and that is the wobble. It is a geometry for living. Within the mould of expectation, perfection is not to be. Small traces of body and chance are evident in the handmade details of the works. It is observed in the tremulous sweep of a brushstroke, and the trace of body used as a measure. There, beyond the systems, is that delightful wobble, a calculated frailty, the gentle operation of chance and a flexible rule. 

Lisa Pang

January 2022

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