Eva Stimson Clark
The Unsolved Code
27.04.22 – 14.05.22

The current exhibition The Unsolved Code, by Eva Stimson Clark, contains analogue abstraction collage weaves constructed from commercial carton cardboard and cotton thread. The installation is off the white wall to access the dual nature of the imagery serendipitously arrived at from deconstruction, reconstruction and sutured overlay.

Dual artwork parenthetically formed from structure, materiality, process and system. Analogous of vinyl recordings the constructions have a Side A and a Side B. One side, a layering of monochromes over decipherable elements. On the other side, thread lines randomly span squares of warp and weft as “drawing” over incidental colour planes.

Weaving interlaces at right angles creating a gridded substructure. Squares of colour and pattern juxtapose at specific points. Imagery is determined by the placement of strips of card, where the warp and weft travel over and under in an ordered, yet unforeseen, arrangement of exposure and erasure. Then the non-objective is sought through chance and methodical colour placement emerging from the relationship of the woven to the grid. The work accentuates serendipitous connection as meaning and replacing anxiety with the joy of discovery.

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