Jodie Flugge
Materials Matter
29.06.22 – 16.07.22


A fundamental part of my practice is to transform through making, materials and objects that already exist in my environment, to create a new purpose or state of being for these objects and materials.

I have a commitment in my practice to reuse and repurpose materials, objects, old work, or detritus where possible. I am interested in the continual cycle of materials and objects. My aim through this process is to release these erstwhile materials and objects from the cul-de-sac into which they have been previously cast by me (old work), someone or something else, and imbue them with new life. Through various methods of material alteration, this both yields and embeds a new narrative into the object. This work slips between the boundaries of painting, sculpture, and installation, alongside a deliberate refutation of the pictorial aim of a painting in favour of its properties as an object.

By using the wall, the floor and conventional installation forms such as the plinth as part of a modular language, the placement of each work may either reinforce or escape its own reading. The process of placement renders each work a fragment in a larger visual and spatial language that alters as the viewer moves through the space. Reflective surfaces shimmer, painting becomes object, backs become fronts, floor becomes wall, textures and colours become unbounded, these are all fluid connections in one work.

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