Sean McDowell
10.08.22 – 27.08.22

Organisms is a series of three large-scale paintings on linen informed by biology, microscopy and psychology, particularly in relation to the human body. Drawing on stock photographs of microscopic life-forms, the work – which has been created using a combination of oil paint and tinted varnish – continues my engagement with materials and painting processes. The paintings mark a new departure within my practice, incorporating flat, translucent glazes applied with a combination of brushes and sponges. Located between representation and abstraction – observation and the imagination – I have utilised various line networks, repeated patterns and organic shapes to depict detailed areas of blood, skin, organs and other magnified imagery. The paintings consider the relationship between micro and macro, while grappling with ideas surrounding mortality, illness, perception and the senses. Organisms also considers the effects of colour and scale on emotion and experience, and how such factors may evoke shifting psychological states throughout the exhibition.

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