James Langer
12.10.22 – 29.10.22

Temple involves experiments in photography and printing, explorations in drawing and painting, that articulate some unanswered questions – ill defined questions, questions on the tip of my tongue.

Lately I have been perceiving the world as sedimentation: layer upon layer of compounded material, of space, of object and of perception. The results create contradictions and codes. My life and my experience reflects this too. Sediment and layers. Overwhelmingly crowded and sometimes too maudlin.

The Temple is a location, somewhere pseudo-sacred in all its profound mundanity.

It exists in that strange unfocused spot between my own consciousness and the layers of experience that somehow give it shape.

I have many unanswered questions.

More as I get older.

My lifetime so far, and the places I inhabit, are an intersection of moments and details.

The roads leading there often cross. Parenthood.

Isolation. Wandering, artefacts and geography.

Vivid and sacred, but hard to grasp.

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