Tina Douglas

March 15th – April 1st, 2023
Hypha_e is a visual score performance project, consisting of a network of scores, recordings, sound and music performances, as well as the presentation of multiple sound machines.  The project is an expansion of a collaboration that began in 2018 with Berlin musician Magda Mayas, who Douglas invited to respond to four tactile visual scores she had made for her. The result of this collaboration inspired Douglas to also create visual scores for local experimental musicians. Many of these musicians she has performed with, and known or been aware of for many years. It was important to Douglas that all of the invited musicians have a strong individual relationship to their instruments and musical language, working with elements of improvisation, instrument building and adaption, also echoing Douglas’ own approach as a visual artist and sound performer. Hypha_e is the presentation of responses to the individual scores Douglas provided to each of the invited experimental musicians; the result is both a visual and aural collaboration.

  1. each of the branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus.
Participating artists:
Ernie Althoff
David Brown
Carolyn Connors
Rod Cooper
Tina Douglas 
Dale Gorfinkel
Nat Grant
Alex Hamilton 
Nik Kennedy
David Palliser
Chloe Sobek
Robbie Avenaim 
Opening event: Carolyn Connors, Murmur assembly 1. Score for Carolyn Connors by Tina Douglas. 7 pm, 8 pm, Gallery 1.
This exhibition uses SoundCloud. Please bring your headphones and smart phone/iPad for a better experience.