Amelia Gill
Alexi Cordes
Darren Coventry

April 26th – May 13th, 2023

ABACUS Catalogue

Abacus is an experiment in closed fantasy and close relations. Functional models of composition are pretty prevalent at the moment- web page organization, heads-up-displays, etc. When you play games as a kid, you slowly learn to ignore grass and clouds, feel out the underlying geometry and #4494f3 isn’t blue anymore, it’s a sign or instruction to do something. Decoration could be used as a way to get out of this, fold it into history- there’s no real distinction between “real” composition and convention, but you could pretend there is, people have in the past. You can imagine space inside a picture as somewhere for your picture of this to play out without friction. All sorts of things get put as a stop, one point and wallpaper and orthographic, and it’s probably ok to add one more and keep the game going and virtual spaces have been around for a long time, for illustration and power and so on and it’s nice that everyone finally gets some of their own.