SHELLEY JARDINE ‘geometric shifts’

[September 2 – 26]

Geometric Shifts is a progression of site-specific works by Shelley Jardine exploring spatial relationships and perception. These notions are explored through hard edge geometric abstract installations and paintings, using color, shape, surface and line as persuasive visual languages, to challenge and question the audience’s position in the space.

Varying reflective qualities, transitions in tonal values and the use of geometric symbols, in particular the triangle, help navigate the viewer’s journey through the paintings and architecture of the gallery. This movement is embedded in Jardine’s work, in the brushstrokes, composition, transparency of the painted surface and mobility of the installations.

Jardine graduated from Deakin University with both a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) in 2013 with distinction and a Bachelor of Arts – Honours in 2014 with first class honours. Jardine is currently undertaking her PhD in Philosophy at Deakin University.