Eva Stimson Clark

A Provenance of Something Gathered
August 9th – 26th, 2023


Art based in materiality involves waiting for an easy rhythm and to abandon any notions of control. Eva Stimson Clark’s art practice continues to relate to chance encounter, and extends to making do with what is at hand while pursuing a receptiveness for non-objective painting.

These artworks are in keeping with that part of a practice that considers the repurposing of detritus as possibility for exploring imagery in experimental ways. This is combined with the ongoing use of systems for guiding processes of deconstruction, reconstruction and a looser relationship with the grid. The blending of recycled and art store materials is a simple invitation to move beyond the ordinary and to hear another voice as open as the sky.

This type of practice does not begin with words, nor with petty worry over outcomes. What results seems to be conceived out of nowhere and engulfed in a past narrative of atomic structure. The artworks only come close to saying something when they reach the point when there is nowhere else to go. The testament of lonely, unspeaking, silent hours of hands on making.

What is left behind is an internal faithful promise that the restructure will be seen again out into a revelation that eases into conversation, uncovered from this place, far from leaving no passing memory. The viewer becomes the stranger in the mirror witnessing currents and movements in the light. Where cold and clear secrets tempt the eyes and defy our humanness and our own visibility.

“To be nothing but that self that is no self at all.”

David Whyte