Peter Brook

Truth and Lies
August 9th – 26th, 2023


Brook’s current body of paintings draws on visual languages found in our online and urban environments. They are a response to both the pervasive digital algorithms and predictive systems that influence our current Western social and economic cultures, and the ordered abstract patterns found in our contemporary urban environment.

Backlit screens awash with a hyper-alternate reality of digital codes and structures, coupled with observations of light falling on patterns and surfaces in the built environment, provide Brook with a compositional framework for a developing exploration of the visual perception of colour.

The visual syntax of predictive digital systems and patterns from the urban environment are a vehicle for what Brook is calling ‘chromo plasticity’ where respective appearances of colour are influenced by neighbouring colours, yielding both chromatic harmony and contrast.

Joseph Albers notes, “In order to use color effectively it is necessary to recognize that color deceives continually.” Interaction of Color.