Fiona Schoer

Fixed Objects
August 30th – September 16th, 2023

This body of work examines the primary function of the object; to support the human body, and presents an alternative in which the discarded object is given agency. Continuing investigations into body object relations, it seeks to establish associations between the body, the object and painting.

Assemblage is the core process of construction for the works. Components such as wire, timber and fabrics from deconstructed objects, are used to support, balance or fix various elements to one another. Objects are simple in their construction; timber is stripped back, sanded and waxed. Paintings are gestural and non-objective with fixings and components attached to their surface.

Viewing painting as a physical and immediate extension of the body, and the object as a custodian of the human experience, the concept is to create a somewhat symbiotic relationship; the painting supports the object, and the object holds the painting in place.

Exploring the field of expanded painting these works are viewed as metaphors for the human body. Positioning the object as all that is fixed and structural, and painting as all that is not.