[February 24th – March 12th] Zora Kreuzer and Trevor Richards both explore the two way relationship between geometric painting and the built environment. They work directly with the architectural space in their practices, inviting the viewer to experience painting rather than look at it. Their works also encompass sculpture, photography and installation.
Richards is recognised for his formally structured, minimalist approach to painting that is informed by his sustained engagement with a limited range of colours and an admiration for the commonplace. In recent projects he has been looking at how colour and pattern relate to built space.
Kreuzer explores in her praxis the quality of light and colour through site-specific installations and wall paintings. She investigates the colours and shapes found in the public space, from advertising and neon signs to natural phenomena. Through the use of artificially manufactured materials, she subtly manages to achieve a delicate balance between a geometric colour field treatment and a world of eighties pop nostalgia.
Richards and Kreuzer propose to each produce a wall based work in the gallery as well as exhibit a series of small scale paintings which reflect each artist’s respective interests in geometry, pattern, colour and space.