[March 16 - April 2]

Working predominately with drawing, painting and print media Clifford’s broader practice interrogates non objective art practice from a post digital/post internet perspective exploring possibilities of how the digital condition might resonate with formal concerns of geometry, structure, pattern and multiplicity. 

The drawings presented in Reformat v.2 are the outcome of a process of iterations between digital and analogue modes of replication, repetition, copying and transfer that mimic wider cultural practices of sorting, sampling, filtering and reuse. Utilizing both open and closed systems her work explores combinatorial, emergent and generative dimensions.
Drawing upon historical practices of geometric abstraction, reductive art, minimalism and concrete art these drawings manifest as artefacts of a process of connections rather than of mathematical construction.

Clifford has Bachelor of Applied Science (Library Studies) and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Arts) (1st Class Honours) from Curtin University and lives and works in Perth. She is a member of the Australian Centre for Concrete Art and has participated in group exhibitions in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and France.