FEBRUARY 1st-18th, 2017


Patricia Todarello’s latest exhibition at Five Walls [original] Juxtaposing a Conceptual Field from Solid Ground presents a series of photo-installation works that employ as similarly in previous artworks to direct readings amid the arrangement of geometric form.

Todarello’s photo-installation works are the products of extended observations of industrial architecture and time. The artist acknowledging that it has taken time to creatively articulate and consider the reoccurring consensus with the use of photography in her practice; photography documents the visual qualities of the referent the pictorial but has failed to translate the actual physical experience of the artist on the industrial site.

Juxtaposing a Conceptual Field from Solid Ground is the end result a photograph not restrained by its own physical dimensions moreover a continuation, a combination of the artists engaged experience of the actual over time and space.