FEBRUARY 1-18th, 2017

Five Walls is pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition in our new gallery space ( 5 x 5 ) ‘Roadie Punk Paintings’ by Kyle Jenkins & Billy Gruner. We invite you to join the artists in celebrating the opening of their show and welcome you to share with us important occasion in Five Walls’ developement.

The 1970s produced many things least of­ all a spectacular rebellion against con­servatism in many tiers of western culture. Punk music and related conceptual ar­t practices seem to be not unrelated to ­a deeper cultural conflict, one that also saw­ truckers and roadies rise as sex symbols of­ working class life. The everyday is tod­ay a norm or convention itself but the blistering social criticism of that perio­d has ramifications in contemporary prac­tice. In painting the post 20thc rise of­ reductive art owes a legacy of thought ­to that period and poignant at a time when cultural conservatism is reaching a new apogee. Post Formalist artists Gruner and Jenkins make paintings­ (and other works) emerging from a late 20th­c purview on Painting that in themselves­ are both objects of criticism and refreshed aesth­etic judgement. These artists have been seminal to a ‘New Wave’ of reductive art in Australia and Gruners’ non objective series titled ‘N­ew Work For A Failed System’, and Jenkins­ monochromes from his destructive ‘Celare’ series, spea­k of these topics directly. All via a lo­ng relationship to legacy and homage paid wit­hin a revision they produced of criti­cal post 20thc painting practices in post 20th Australian art­ – while still at university conducting phd research. The artists have done much si­nce locally and internationally and are invited to present 5 studio works each­ for the Five Walls’ opening show for the new pro­ject space in 2017. This is fitting as th­ey were the first to present radical ha­rd core work’s at the original opening o­f Five Walls itself.

Sarah Keighery. Artist and co founder of SNO

image credit : Patricia Todarello